Brig RIBs

Brig Rigid Inflatable Boats - New and second hand Brig RIBs

Brig E600 Eagle RIB

Brig RIBs sell predominently for leisure, general sports and yacht tender applications.

The finish of the lovely model pictured here, clearly intended more for leisure applications, is typical of Brig RIB styling across their range.

Alternatives RIBs

Aquaflyte Ribs, Zodiac RIBS, Avon RIBS, Valiant RIBS

The Brig range of RIBs:

Brig Falcon Tenders: F300, F330, F360,

Brig Falcon Riders: F400L, F450L, F500L,

Brig Falcon Sports: F450S, F500S,

Brig Eagle Sports RIBs: E380, E500L, E645L

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